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I’d love to share some gorgeous modern table décor items I’ve stumbled upon in my online travels.  Pretty things always catch my eye and stop me in my tracks. Today I’m going to highlight some bright colored items with a modern flair.  If you need something unique for that special someone in your life, check these out.  They are sure to make a great Christmas gift.  The best part is these businesses are all located within the US with Texas, Arkansas, Vermont and Ohio being represented.  Here we go!!!

1.)  Bright Quilted Table Runner


Creator:  Sew Happy Quilting ~ Vermont

Link (Block & Copy):

Each quilted table runner is one of a kind and washable.  These make a great table centerpiece for your dining room table or kitchen island. These table runners are one of Sew Happy Quilting’s best sellers.   

2.)  Triangle Table Decor


Creator:  Kailo Chic ~ Texas

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OMG this shop!!!  I can’t stop looking through all of their fun items!  There are so many different things to spruce up your tables.  From colorful vases to modern triangular décor and planters.  These would make a great Christmas gift for that fun loving teen in your life who wants to add a splash of color to their desks. 

3.)  Metal Poppies


Creator:  DWC Metals ~ Arkansas

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What talent!  These metal poppies are just one kind of flower this talented artist can make from metal.  There are daisies, pansies, irises and more!  Finally a flower we can’t kill!  These are so fun and have a great modern flair to them.  They would make a great Christmas gift for the person who has it all and is hard to shop for.  These are so gorgeous!    

4.)  Cell Phone Stand


Creator:  Brant Point Prep ~ Ohio

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These cell phone stands would work great on any table or counter.  From desk to nightstand to kitchen counter…they are practical and pretty too!  These would make a great gift for the holiday gift giving season.  The styles and colors are endless! This shop is definitely a “must check out” for the Christmas season.      

Happy shopping and stay tuned for more fun shop spotlights leading up to this busy holiday season.  

~ Andrea @ Sew Happy Quilting

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